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" An Embarrassment OF



Produced and finished before Covid 19 reared its ugly head. The music is geared for a top 40 market and engineered to appeal to kids and young adults, but the Pandemic, that we are all enduring stopped release and promotion efforts. We invite you to sample all the music and understand its vast commercial appeal. Especially in the areas around the world where she is known. We interrupted work on this project to formulate project “Once Upon Our Time”, which relates to our feeling and understanding of the present social climate that we are part of. We feel ”An Embarrassment Of Riches” contains many hit possibilities. Give a listen to the samples below and see if you don't agree.

contains 15 tracks



Project: “Once Upon Our time” is a strong, historical, chronicle of what Blacks and minorities have gone through to arrive at the place they inhabit today. It is done with an intense, emphatic, level but with overriding grace. Its purpose is to shine a light on some of the issues that Blacks and minorities face that have given rise to the many platforms that exist today. It does not promote hate or blame but understanding. It is intended to be a desired keepsake for all who are tuned into the times – White or Black or otherwise. To make this possible we had to gather some previously produce recordings (unreleased) as well as write new material that is intended to be a vivid wake up call. We see it as having a world wide appeal to music lovers and those desiring to own a part of history.

"Once Upon Our Time"


contains 20 tracks

A Seasonal Treat

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