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release date 2021/22

Join her on a tour of her concert, club, and TV performances around the world.  At her height, during the 80's & 90's she was considered around the world by her fans in many countries as "America's Most Exciting Female Entertainer" and the Australian press as a cross between Tina Turner, Juliet Prowse, Diana Ross and a hurricane.

She traveled the earth (50 countries) with her band, The "Brisco Inferno", and Les Girls - her supporting dancers. This was unusual for the times.  Today with the advent of social media and a world more connected than ever - less complicated -now it's done by many stars. But then there was Gwen - (inspired by Tina Turner) but a wilder, more aerobic version, perhaps going one step beyond with her high-flying dance movements and unpredictable stage exploits.

Then tragedy struck; her husband, John, was felled by a severe stroke and diagnosed with cancer.  She disbanded her show and put her career on hold to personally provide hands on care in his recovery. Being uncertain about his survival, she resolved to record everything he had written, arranged and loved -  Surprisingly, over a ten year period, he slowly and miraculously made a full recovery - He not only survived but thrived; contributing many original songs and arrangements. The CD’s featured here represent his most recent works.  They range  from an in-depth perception - historical and contemporary compilation of the conditions endured by Blacks and minorities, now and then, portrayed in – “Once Upon Our Time” to a pop flavored  album, “An Embarrassment Of Riches” as well as a holiday tour de force in her Christmas album, “Christmas Now & Then By Gwen”, which is a fun journey with amusing vocals and a variety of songs for adults and kids of all ages – destined to become a Christmas classic. Also "New Old School", which is all in fun and features bass and big beat with new interpretations to get your dance on.

The album "Love 360" is a sophisticated and soulful rendition for lovers only - from the beginning, to the ending, and beyond.

During this period of performance hiatus she explored many different genres, directed and coached by

musical wizard, vocalist, and chief producer, Joe Mumford, with contributions by OG Johnny Rogers,

along with Bob Ware, and Marvin Moses -  Meanwhile, she maintained herself physically with consistent dance class and gym training. To go along with her vocal explorations, she reinforced her faith and vocal capacity by singing in her church choir every Sunday for 10 years, also taking  time  to perform with the group she started out with, the renowned, Love Machine – where she found pleasure, fun, and a break  from her therapy responsibilities.

An Embarrassment Of Riches & Once Upon Our Time, both featuring her universal perspective are now available here online for your enjoyment and purchase. Each has a distinct flavor including a seasonal favorite, Christmas Now & Then By Gwen,  -   We hope you'll find each a positive listening experience.  Enjoy! 

Worldwide performances past and future to come

Video Performance

 A Sophisticated Interpretation Of Life's Greatest Emotions

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